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Jan 26, 2013 2:30pm PST
league some questions on quiz kids are provided by national academic quiz tournaments and there's a big advantage pares can give tir kids -- makingure they get active least 60 minutes day. studies show th physical activi t only helps kidsay healt, an enhanceimportant il, like concentration ich can improve academicerformance. this means phycal activity can helpour kids in the most important game of all -- life. >> "teen kids news" is next. and here's what we've got. >> fasten your seatbelt. the car of the future is here now, and i'll have that report. >> we'll meet a teen who speaks 20 languages, and he's just getting started. >> i'll tell you about a program to help keep kids from becoming homeless. >> an ivy-league college where you can learn how to run a hotel. find out more on "college and u." >> i'll tell you why one presidential monument includes a statue of his dog. >> so join us now for this week's "teen kids news." >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm siena. we'll start with our top story. >> whether you've already got your driver's license, a learner's permit
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1